Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Journal Excursions

Excursions by Edi Klingner & Piper Leigh
This is a little handmade book I bought years ago, that I keep close at hand in my journal kit: a limited edition created  by two Santa Fe book artists, Edi Klingner and Piper Leigh, entitled: "Excursions - 26 starts for the empty page".  It contains wonderful, unique prompts for journaling - one for each letter of the alphabet.  It's great, when I feel a little stuck for inspiration, to open this up to a random page and use the prompt to get my journaling started.

In the spirit of this, I will be offering up my own version of simple journaling prompts, A to Z, in the weeks ahead.  I hope you'll enjoy them, collect them, and use them to take you on a journey of your own!

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